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Short-term Spanish course for Travelers

Begin your journey by equipping yourself with the necessary Spanish skills to survive your trip to Spanish-speaking countries. Immerse yourself in a safe and tranquil village. The pueblo is your classroom! Study in the classroom and practice your skills with the locals.

  • Week 1. Survival

For those who have no Spanish.
What I can learn in 1st Week: 10 classes

Mon – Greeting, Presentation & Personal information
Tue – Numbers, Colors, Food, Fruit&Veggies
Wed – Parts of the body, pain in the body, feeling & emotions
Thu – How to describe people, things and places
Fri – Telling a time, how to deal with peso (Colombian money)

  • Week 2. More than Survival

For those who have a little Spanish
What I can learn in 2nd Week: 10 classes more

Mon – Talking about likes and dislikes, Restaurant and shopping information
Tue – Verbs of Daily Activities and more.
Wed – Get directions, Verb ser & estar
Thu – How to use interrogative sentences
Fri – Hotel reservation/ booking, how to get or take a bus, price negotiate skills etc


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