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ATTRACTIONS: -Villanueva town -Chicamocha Canyon (The best in South America) -Lengerke trail -Jordán (Ghost town) -Chicamocha river -Shangrilla -Lengerke bridge -Los Santos town ( Second seismic nest) -Mercado campesino

INCLUDE: -Transport -One night in hammock -Insurance -Professional guide
Itinerary: Thursday 9:15 am: Meeting point “Terminalito” 10:30 am: Hike from Villanueva-Jordán (9km) 2pm: Shangrilla (hammock, natural pool and river) 7pm: Wood fire Itinerary Friday: 9 am: Hike from JordanLos Santos (9km) 1pm: Visit to the “Mercado campesino” 3pm: Return to San Gil. Option: You can do Climbing in “Los Santos” town.

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